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The Great Unanswered Question:

What the hell happens to every country on the planet that isn’t the US in YA dystopias



Use the code DANTEBDAY to get 15% off all tees! 

Just a little something. To kick off my birthday weekend!


Use the code DANTEBDAY to get 15% off all tees!

Just a little something. To kick off my birthday weekend!

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.

This is so relevant to my feelings lately, guys.

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do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

it’s called makeup

you can put eyeliner on a frat boy that doesn’t change the fact that’s he’s wearing a neon muscle shirt and nike flip flops

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Y are u doing this to me?

I didn’t know I wanted to ship the ship until I shipped the ship. O_O

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Ellie and Carl + Rory and Amy (Up + Doctor Who)






And then the sad realization that they’re even more alike now.










Pixar can never top this.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that the best loved line from this movie comes from a character we never even got to see?

childhood right here

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Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
The Smiths
170,397 plays
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  • Ruki: I hate mosquitoes.
  • Ruki: It doesn't even matter if they bite me or not, I hate them anyway.
thepurplebug asked: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly then send this to ten of your favorite followers! ✿◕‿◕✿

BUT I JUST SAID 5 THINGS. YOU BOTH COUNT AS ONE PERSON. …ahhh…okay…5 more things. 

1.) I like that I finally figured out that I like having sex with vaginas and not penis and I’m capable of loving everyone, okay? There. THERE. I suppose that’s a more specific description. Or: Sex with: Vagina. Cuddles, romantic attraction, and growing old with: The amazing person who can put up with me. 

2.) I also like being gender fluid, most of the time. I like my in between days best. 

3.) I like my ability to attract kittens. Legit, I’m a magnet. There was a 6 month span where I just kept on finding kittens, or they would show up in my yard at night when I got home and I would hear them crying. So I took care of all of them. It still happens, but I think my boss would kill me if I took one home.

4.) I like my sides.

5.) I like my one crooked tooth.

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Anonymous asked: Stop being racist by drawing Sailor Moon black, shes Japanese and should only be depicted as such.









oh. this again.


The anonymous actually has a good and valid point. You racebending Sailor Moon who is a Japanese woman, is indeed offensive.

I’m fully aware of what her ethnicity is. I’m not trying to erase the fact that she’s Japanese. so what…am I not allowed to draw a black Sailor Moon, even if I’m fully aware of this? I wanted to re-imagine and adapt her as a race that matched my own, simple as that. how is that wrong or offensive? is this harming anybody? it doesn’t change the fact that she is canonically Japanese, we know this. so what. is. the. problem?

By racebending her, you are erasing the fact that she is Japanese. That’s kind of the point like wow.

Make up your own character. How. hard. is that?

NO. it’d be more “erasing” if I didn’t acknowledge that she was Japanese, and dismissed her as being “white” simply because she has blue eyes and blonde hair in an anime. I know better than that.

like I said, if I’m RE-IMAGING her as being black, while that still doesn’t change the fact she IS Japanese CANONICALLY and I’m fully aware of this, how is that wrong?!

The rebuttal I will offer the anon and alostbird is this:

There are Black people in Japan.

There are Black people who are from Japan.

There are Black people who are Japanese.

Furthermore, as this is a fan representation, even if my previous statements were not true —fun fact, they are! — it’s still not that a bad thing for a person from a marginalised community to reimagine their favourite characters as more like them. Sometimes I love art where skinny characters are made fat. Sometimes I love art where my favourite characters are gender-swapped or queer. Sometimes I love art where the multitude of White and White-looking characters look more like my Black-brown self.

So what?

………..”white-looking” hmmm didn’t know east asian fictional characters were white-looking even though the ambiguous stylization of anime is perceived as such because of narrow-minded, western imperialistic, ethnocentric rhetoric

and seeing as so many non-japanese fans refer to sailor moon as white, ~aryan princess~ instead of light-skinned japanese because she happens to not fit the portrayal of japanese people y’all are so damn accustomed to - disregarding the fact that there are naturally blond, blue eyed japanese people in existence lol - and how the term racebending gives the connotation that sailor moon is initially white WHEN SHE’S CLEARLY NOT

also even your rebuttal is far-reaching seeing as none of those comparisons are even comparable (since skinny people aren’t marginalized, “gender-swapped” is cissexist, and lmao JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE MARGINALIZED IN THE WEST AND EVEN JAPANESE PEOPLE FROM JAPAN DON’T NEED YOUR TRITE AS FUCK RACEBENDING ON MEDIA CATERED FOR JAPANESE PEOPLE BY JAPANESE PEOPLE) and seeing as NO ONE HAS EVER MADE CLAIMS TO BE RENDERING SAILOR MOON AS BLACK-JAPANESE MIXED, even though there too are black east asians (hello, points at self), and seeing as the original mangaka drew and depicted her as japanese and this was clearly understood by her japanese audience, that even live-action adaptations of her include japanese actresses with blond wigs because BLOND HAIR/BLUE EYES DON’T INVALIDATE HER JAPANESE ETHNICITY, whereas these ~racebendings~ ALWAYS COMPROMISE SAILOR MOON’S JAPANESE ETHNICITY because TOO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE IN THE FANDOM STILL BELIEVE HER TO BE WHITE, SO IT’S SUPER DUPER A-OKAY TO COMPLETELY RENDER HER JAPANESE ETHNICITY NULL AND VOID IN THE NAME OF ~BETTER DIVERSITY~

liiiiiiiiiiike this is why i’m so fucking over these things because the artist themself NEVER CORRECTS ANYONE IMPOSING WESTERN-CENTRIC RACE IDENTITY POLICING/MISLABELING because this isn’t the first time this has happened and tumblr is always happy to be disingenuous as fuck in their anti-oppression crusades


Do any of you attack the artists that don’t draw Sailor Moon characters with CLEARLY DEFINED JAPANESE TRAITS?

I’m betting not.

Just because some people in the fandom still see Sailor Moon as white, does not mean asieybarbie's racebend of Sailor Moon is invalidating or racist. Nor did Aisey imply that Sailor Moon characters were included in the statement of “white or white-looking.” Aisey has already said she's well aware of the ethnicity of Sailor Moon.

I don’t see why you have to round on an artist for racebending a PoC to another PoC (Both of whom are marginalised and invalidated) when there are plenty of artists who draw the entire cast of Sailor Moon as western people, without Japanese traits.

Aisey is not part of the problem. The problem is people who blatently insist that Sailor Moon characters are white, and/or ignore the origins of the characters. if you’re going to point this out to someone, point it out to those people.

I personally LOVE Aisey’s racebent Sailor Moon. Because PoCs and black people as PoCs exist everywhere. And I don’t recall seeing Aisey state anywhere that her racebend wasn’t Japanese. Plenty of you are content to point out that black/dark-skinned Japanese people exist but aren’t willing to accept that JUST MAYBE Aisey’s racebend had taken this into consideration. Sailor Moon can be black and Japanese so y’all need to un-twist your undergarments.

*calmly points out that Sailor Moon is a fictional character and not a real person with real feelings.* Pretty sure Sailor Moon doesn’t care how you represent her? Pretty sure Sailor Moon is more content with the fact that there is more girl power going around. Pretty sure there are no such things as Sailor Senshi’s in real life and that if you want to imagine yourself in a similar style of Sailor Moon that’s okay! I think Sailor Moon would be proud of you. If this was something like…say…Pocahontas…then yes, possibly? Because Pocahontas was a real person. But…as it is…Sailor Moon is completely fictional and can be re-imagined in any shape form or fashion. Just because you don’t want to look at it, doesn’t mean that other people don’t, and if you DON’T want to look at it, then don’t look at it. Simple. It’s called imagination, dear friends. Sailor Moon was built on it and feminine, human, equality. So, yes, Sailor Moon would be proud of you, I’m sure, no matter, size, shape, or skin color. 

jupiterstarchild asked: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly then send this to ten of your favorite followers! ✿◕‿◕✿

So not tagging people, because if you want to say things you like about yourself, you should! And if you don’t, you should think about it, because I think you’re all really cool and wonderful and I can’t just pick 10 of you! Also, thanks for tagging me because I didn’t know this was going around. Okay..so..here goes..5 things I like about myself. 

1.) I like the fact that I can speak so openly about anything now. Especially politics and human rights. I used to be really shy and came off as not caring I guess. So I’m glad I got over that. It’s made me think seriously about becoming a public speaker. 

2.) I like that I can laugh at pretty much anything. 

3.) I like that I’m not easily shocked. 

4.) I like that I can make my home anywhere with ease. 

5.) I really like my bottom lip. :) 


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